News Update – Best of the Day

Can social media have a psychological influence on your customers? According to Dr. Rachna Jain it can if we see it from a perspective of spreading content the viral way. This, she shows seven strategies companies can employ to help their content succeed.

Ever wondered how search results (SEO) and your input in the social web support your web-strategy? Adam Singer explains 10 reasons why social should enforce your future SEO strategy… and he underlines his theory with a nice and convincing graphic.

Twitter is on an all-time high at the moment. Nobody can see the end of this hype. But don’t forget that Twitter is not everything in your life, your content strategy, and for your web-strategy. Lean back and enjoy a collection of 40 funny Twitter comics that Yogesh Mankani collected. My favorite is this one as it tells us not to mix up offline and online situations. The Cluetrain manifest should not get access to your personal life…