Allianz and FC Barcelona Micro-Conference: The Future of Health

Smart clothing combined with a new generation of sensors as part of intelligent hardware components is one of the biggest markets when thinking about the future. This is not only a question for the insurance industry in order to create new business segments. There are also a lot of benefits for sport clubs by tracking the activities, health and workout data of their players to optimize the practice and to prevent potential injuries.

Martin Meyer-Gossner - Future of health - The Strategy WebSome weeks ago we had the pleasure to speak at the famous Camp Nou Stadion where the FC Barcelona host the micro-conference in cooperation  with Allianz. Both parties discussed questions with the audience like ‘how technology can help improve the future of health’ or ‘how can we benefit from the data we collected to improve actual processes’.



I think an insurance company needs to think about innovation in an broader sense in terms of technology, in terms of sensors and in terms of data. If we can co-create and if we can partner with these kind of companies we will have new technologies, new services, new innovations which will also drive the brand of Allianz which is a very much trusted brand. I am quite sure that innovation is gonna be a big driver for the future in terms of the healthcare industry and in general.

Martin Meyer-Gossner, CEO and Founder The Strategy Web.


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