Study: Leadership in Industry 4.0 – which persona are you?

Are you a successful leader? Well, here is the right persona advice for you…

Deloitte conducted a worldwide study with 2000 C level managers, in order to understand personas handling the digital transformation better than others. The study found interesting insights in the opportunities and challenges attached to the development of the industry 4.0. It shows that those CXO decision makers who unify various characteristics in their position. Industry 4.0 leaders clearly define their spectrum and will be more efficient than other decision makers. What does this mean in details?

Compared to previous studies, CXOs have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges alongside the Industry 4.0 changes. In general, they know how to tackle those challenges better. Deloitte wanted to analyze which CXOs make the biggest progress in their development towards an Industry 4.0 company. Furthermore, they analyzed how these leaders differ from the rest of their peers.

Four successful personas

The Deloitte study identifies four topic fields which will drive CXOs to more success in the adoption of industry 4.0 strategy: Social Supers, Data-driven Decisives, Disruption Drivers und Talent Champions. In relation to other leaders, it means that Industry 4.0 leaders do the following:
– invest more in disruptive technologies
– put more emphasis on ethical aspects
– base their decisions more on data-based outcome
– train their employees more on the future workplace of tomorrow.

Now, figure out yourself which personal ingredients you have got as a leader for industry 4.0 adoption…

Deloitte 2019_Infographic_Final