Future Mobility

Are you ready for the next level of future mobility? Young Germans are!

Germany is known as one of the leading countries in terms of innovation and inventions. But on the other hand germans are very careful and reserved when it comes to the use of new tools, processes and technologies. So the survey results of a currently published survey regarding future mobility astound somehow. 

The survey is conducted by the Forsa Institut on behalf of the “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” (“Germany – Land of Ideas”) initiative and come to the conclusion that the significant majority is extremely open minded towards new mobility concepts and innovations like flying taxis or unmanned drones for short distances. But the other outcome is typically german as well. Personal vehicles are still very popular and an inextricable part of daily life for significant majority of the survey participants. But approximately one third of those questioned would forgo possession of a personal car and instead opt to use car-sharing services.

All detailed results of the survey will be published within the scope of the Deutscher Mobilitätspreis (German Mobility Prize). This year, prizes are being awarded for digital solutions aimed at increasing the overall level of sustainability for transport and logistics. Recipients of the ten awards will be announced at the beginning of August 2018.

So which trend we will observe over the next few years? Would you replace your personal car with a shared one from a sharing service? 

Source title picture: https://pixabay.com/de/auto-fahrzeug-zukunft-future-2651594/