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The privacy debate in connection with social networking and 2.0 software is sometimes misinterpreted. A new study by researchers at UC Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania shows that younger adults watch their private data, especially when companies want get hold of those data. The key findings are that…
82% of respondents ages 18 to 24…
84% ages 25 to 34…
85% people 65 and older…
refuse to provide information to a company because they thought it was too personal or not necessary.
The study result shows that young adults are clever enough to distinguish between private and private information. They still take care of their privacy in terms of credit card number, passwords, phone numbers, etc. On the other hand, they provide through applications data-entry for millions of companies for free. So, do they really care about their privacy as the headline suggests?

Finding a list of b2b marketing strategy ebooks is a challenge. THX to Jon Miller who created a fantastic list 16 relevant and high-quality ebooks end of last year.

Understanding the power of viral advertising is understanding the power of the social web. Good commercials will stay being a powerful tool in social networks. The brands can only profit from it… no matter if the commercial -like this one from Ford- is four years old. If it is cool, it will be valued good for a long time!

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