The social web becomes the new recruiting channel

A new study by Jobvite states that 73.3% of responding companies turn to social networks to recruit new employees. The reason is obvious: Success! Almost 60% reported that they have successfully hired a new employee through social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The key findings of the study for companies that recruit through social networks …

– 80% used LinkedIn
– 55% useed Facebook
– 45% used Twitter

Especially the numbers of LinkedIn show a significant success number when addressing new recruits via social networking sites…

– On LinkedIn 90% that recruit through social networks have found candidates there.
– Facebook: 27.5% that recruit through social networks have found candidates there.
– Twitter: 14.2% that recruit through social networks have found candidates there.

As companies are successful in recruiting through the social web (58,1%), the spending of half of the employers are planned to increase, while spending on traditional job boards and employee recruiting firms will decrease.

Spot On!
If you compare the numbers with the same study in 2009, it shows that the market for good new recruits seems to become more challenging. In 2009, 66% of the companies found a new employee via social networks, 8% less than this year. Still both parts of the recruitment chain can win with their social web engagement. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have a significant impact on company’s HR strategy and recruiting success. Nevertheless, it has to be said that not only companies might benefit. Employees that take care of their social networking profiles make themselves heard in other HR departments.

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