News Update – Best of the Day

daily1How important it is to have a clear cut goal with your social media strategy shows an interesting auto comparison by Jeremiah Owyang. He compares two approaches: Shotgun (Toyota’s Yaris) vs Laser (Ford Fiesta).

Are Twitter an LinkedIn moving closer to each other? Seems like that – the basis is status updates.

“When you set your status on LinkedIn you can now tweet it as well, amplifying it to your followers and real-time search services like Twitter Search and Bing. And when you tweet, you can send that message to your LinkedIn connections as well, from any Twitter service or tool.”

LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone discuss the great potential of the integration between their companies.

Guerilla Marketing can be quite simple – Money rules the world by Lichtkunst24 for The Zeitgeist Movement