News Update – Best of the Day

How much value has social networking for young-people? While a study shows the huge amount of time American children spend on the web, a new study by the University of Virginia shows the benefit of social networking for the well-adjusted.

”The best-adjusted young people were far more likely to use social media as an extension of their positive friendships,” said Assistant Professor Amori Mikami.

Nevertheless, the reverse situation the not well adjusted children are more likely to display material that was hostile and inappropriate, she says.

Some people have been asking me lately if it makes sense to market a local event with social media. Now, abviously it depends on the industry and the importance and relevance of the topics presented at the event. As a general guideline I found this case study on Tim Patterson’s blog.

The main difference between a viral and a traditional (TV or cinema) commercial is that the viral is produced for the web (longer recording and playing time with more than 30 minutes, violating traditional commercial rules and addressing the buzz-effect) to be distributed amoungst web users in social networks. Lisa Barone just told us what it takes to go viral.

“It is the people that you want to see and pass on your content, they’re not necessarily customers.”

PS: This commercial by is one of the latest examples showing a viral commercial production. And, people are discussing about it if it is good or not – this is another benefit you want to achieve with a viral: buzz, buzz, buzz….