News Update – Best of the Day

Best of the DayWhat happens when you ask SMB’s on their social media usage?. Here is the answer: A report interviewed 1,000 small business owners with fewer than 100 employees and wanted to know their attitudes and marketing plans for 2010. The key findings…

31% don’t use social media because their customers don’t use social media.
29% don’t have the time or staff available to do it properly (a well-know problem)
52% plan to devote more resources to cause marketing in 2010.

H&M finds itself in the social media critics after it came out that they are destroying and discarding clothes that they cannot sell. The official H&M Facebook page is quite successful and has nearly 1.5 mio fans. It will be interesting to see how they react and what social media experts will be telling them to do – and how they are working around this “social media storm”. Here are some tips for companies

Trying to find a retrospective for 2009 was a challenge. But I finally found this great video by Rob Cottingham, looking back at 2009 in doodles…