News Update – Best of the Day

The life of non-profit organizations depends on relationships. One reason why social media is such a great opportunity for them. Alexandra Samuel explains in five good points why non-profits are good at social media. And there is a lot of information in this post how businesses can profit from non-profits…

Time is money and still a lot of people are asking: Why should I engage in social media. And, will the investment in social media pay out – for me and for the company? Lydia Dishman focuses on the costs (and payoff) when people and companies are investing in social media.

General Motors (GM) TV image advertising campaign was meant get back credibility, awareness and customers. But in social media days there is always someone who can turn this approach into a satirical version. infoMania/Current TV created this funny spoof of the GM ad – a piece which could become more popular than the GM version.