2018 Global Digital Future in Focus [Whitepaper]

2018 Global Digital Future in Focus [Whitepaper]

There is so much going on within the technology, social networks and communication area and it’s hard to keep an overview of everything.  In these days it is good to see the variety of development paths either in countries, technologies or user behavior in the form of reports. comScore provides with his ‘2018 Global Digital Future in Focus’ a snapshot of desktop, smartphone and tablet usage around the world, examining how audiences and content consumption changed from over the last couple of months during 2017. There are some winners and some losers but the reason behind the results and the consequences are more interesting at the end. 

The base for the report builds the multi-platform data from 13 global markets as USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Malaysia to demonstrate global commonalities and local nuances. It highlights the key findings in the behaviors across all digital platforms desktop, smartphone and tablet with all the identified trends around each of the platform. All the data comes from the comScore audience measurement tools referenced across their page.

Key findings for the digital future

Some of the key findings in this report are:

  • User of mobile devices universally consume more digital minutes per person (Argentina deliver the largest number in this case)
  • The smartphone is now the dominant platform in terms of total minutes of usage across all markets
  • When considering mobile (smartphone and tablet) in isolation they are dominated by app consumption (80% for this report)
  • Mobile only user are increasing their reach among the overall population in most of the markets
  • Data from the USA gives an indication of the rapid growth of online video across all digital platforms with a 3x faster development over the last 12 months
  • Google and Facebook are still the leader in the use of apps but in some markets Snapchat is still a valid challenger (UK and US)
  • Digital time in all markets can be divided into three subcategories as multimedia, social networking and instant messaging
  • 2/3 of app minutes can be sorted into four subcategories as entertainment, social media, instant messaging and games
  • Facebook is still the major social network together with Twitter (UK, US and Canada), Instagram (Spain and US) and Snapchat (UK, France, US and Canada)
  • Messaging services the usage is shared between WhatsApp (Indonesia, India and Brazil), Facebook Messenger (US, France, Canada and UK) and WeChat (Canada and Malaysia)
  • Mobile will further support the use of video and will growth rapidly