Innovations within the automotive industry [Infographic]

A very interesting article about “The Future of Automotive Innovation” was recently published by Visual Capitalist with the corresponding infographic created by Evolve ETFs. It underlines the variety of potential market segments for each manufacturer and shows why after years of individual research each car, vehicle and driver are more connected then ever before.

But despite all the enhancements in the past the believe is that the biggest innovations in the auto industry are yet to come. Each of the global companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Tesla are currently dealing with these terms and working in exact the direction mentioned in the article. ACES as acronym for the four most important areas of the future automotive industry:

A = Autonomous
C = Connected
E = Electric
S = Shared

If we are honest, most of them are already part of the daily behavior of most people. All of us use some kind of connectivity within our cars by e.g. using traffic information as part of the dashboard. More and more people use electric cars or hybrid driven cars. And the number of people without an own car using a car sharing provider is rising over the last couple of years as well. Cars will drive (partly) autonomous in the near future this is for sure. Currently most of the people have Tesla in mind when thinking about autonomous driving. But also other competitors are working on bringing this to the market as soon as possible.
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
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