There are a lot of reports within the technology business but there are only a few worth sharing. When talking about internet trends the following report from Mary Meeker is one of these positive examples we want to share with you. It covers more or less every interesting section within the tech industry where companies should have an eye on and delivers many figures, facts and insights which makes it hard to pic out some of the most interesting ones. But we would like to try it and share some of the most valuable information from our perspective in this blogpost today.

Internet – It all about ….


First of all for me the following quote is absolutely true and reminds me of several discussed with my kids when talking about time limits for technical devices. But the same applies also in the professional business world and the usage of mobile devices. There are so often questions about “what is enough” or “what is too much” which is not easy to answer because it depends on so many other factors. But. At the end it depends on the fact how to time was spend.

Do you agree? 


Many people would like to pay with their mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if this will be done with a smartphone, any kind of smartwatch or with implanted chips. I personally pay for example at starbucks always with the app or Apple Watch. It has to be easy, quick, fast and secure. It is not surprising that you can already do that in countries like china which explains the huge number of mobile payment user in the asian region today.

How do you pay for your purchase?


What would you say? What is the function within the online world with the biggest growth curve? I am sure video will be within the top answers of most of the people working in this business. Regardless of the platform like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Video is in the organic and in the paid area the media with one of the biggest hypes. It is easy to do, it is modern and give companies and private persons so many options to do story telling and to achieve any other goal within their digital strategy.

Do you use videos?


Today more and more people are interacting via voice with any kind of devices. When you are using e.g. WhatsApp or any other Messanger you see many people sending voice messages instead of text messages. Searching for something on the internet does not necessarily mean you have to type in your keywords because you can simply say what you are looking for with your voice. Not least because of the increasingly widespread of devices like Alexa or Google home voice control will come to many more part of our lives in the future.

Do you have a device with voice control at home?

Full report of internet trends 2018 on LinkedIn

If you would like to read the full report of internet trends you can use the embedded Slides or you check out the original post of the report on LinkedIn.

Nevertheless it will provide lots of data, figures and arguments which are very interesting and where it does make sense to think more in detail about when you or your company is working on their digital roadmap for the next couple of years.

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