On which social media planet do you live?

The slightly other infografic about the social media universe

On which social media planet do you live?

Infografics are one of the best and most popular methods to show figures, developments and facts. You will find hundreds of charts with numbers based on data presented colorfull and visually. The enormous development of various social media platforms and the ongoing evolution is one of the frequent topics in the creation of such graphics. But this grafic is somehow different than any other. 

Have you ever linked the development of social media channels to the size of planets? No? Well this is in fact a very interesting perspective in terms of the number of monthly active user (MAUs). The actual infografic from Visualcapitalist provides a good overview about each of the single planets in the social media universe and her size ratio to each other.

Actual ranking

The fact that Facebook is still the number one social media channel is not very surprising. With 2.2 billion active monthly user Mark Zuckerbergs network pushes his competitors YouTube (1.9 billion) and Whatsapp (1.5 billion) on places two and three.

On which planet do you live?
Leave us a comment with your home planet and maybe all the others you are walking on!