This is a Twitter wake-up call! Well done, Jim…

Some days ago, I read a comment on another blog moaning “OMG – not another Twitter post!” Bearing this in mind, I now reply with a post to Jim Connolly’s clever decision. The marketing expert who deleted over 20.000 followers some days ago.

So, my comment is…’YES, a critical Twitter article – finally somebody did it.’

One of our editors asked me the other day: ‘Why would you use Twitter?’ I replied…

Imagine you have a mobile phone.
Imagine there is nobody in your address book.
Imagine you have forgotten all numbers.

And, what is the value of your mobile phone in this case? That’s were you start to twitter…

So, I thought about the comparison and came to the conclusion. There is a big benefit of a mobile phone compared to Twitter. The communication barrier which is called the ‘Dial’ button. Although you have a lot of people in your business ‘communication network’, you just talk to them actively when it’s the appropriate time. But people love to listen to Twitter in a passive mode. This is becoming a critical efficiency issue…

Jim summarizes about his future Twitter balance… “BUT this time, I am only following friends, clients and contacts, (which will be quite a large number in itself.)”. Yes, he is popular and back at far more than 500 followers again…

Spot On!
Let me ask… Do we all know what the critical topic with Twitter is? It can be a ‘time thief’ where we spend hours killing the efficiency of our productive work output by trying to invest in our knowledge, in our vanity, in being the first to know and in our ‘trendsetter image’? Ah yes,we can learn a lot from Jim’s decision. It’s a wake-up call, not only for the Twitterati…

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  1. rainwebs
    rainwebs says:

    It is the selection of those you want to follow that makes the difference. The problem is not the tool. For me it is the fastest information tool for my job. And with the right contacts the most amusing one.

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner
    Martin Meyer-Gossner says:

    @Rainer Yes, absolutely agree. The question on selection is: What is the intention of your following others? Friends, colleagues, topic related contacts, etc. or mixture of all of those… the concept in the ‘account drivers’ brain should be clear.


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