Volkswagen inspires kids – "May the force be with you!"

Usually, I tend not to write about my family life, and the habits of my kids. Volkswagen manages now to break my personal rules of content creation, sharing and blogging. Let me share something that’s hunting me at home for some months now. And I don’t know if Volkswagen does me a favor here…

We have it all! Light sabers in all colours: green, red, blue, purple, and even with changing colours when you press the button. Uncountable Lego products, books, pens, balls, brithday invitation cards – you name it. Thanks to a trip to the Wonderland for Star Wars fans America, there is nothing missing in our house related to Star Wars merchandising.

And how often was my son chasing me inhouse, wearing his black Darth Vader cap and his Darth Vader helmet. And even our little one already copies his big brother. There is only one thing missing… They don’t have “the force” yet. Which makes me feel quite relaxed these days as you can imagine. But maybe there habits will change today…

What is that one thing which human being -as well as my little ones- are still striving for? The force!

After adidas last year at the World Cup, Volkswagen now pics up a Star Wars topic in their new Super Bowl commercial. And the social web might do its magic to make this one of the most popular virals at the moment to be spread via YouTube and the likes.

The commercial is starring a little boy who tries to move objects with the power of his personal force. And he only succeeds once…


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Yes, it seems that kids will find the magic in this car. Maybe if Volkswagen sells light sabers or gowns or Darth Vader helmets with it. I don’t know. My son loves the ad. If he will buy one of the new Passat 2012?

“May the force be with you, Volkswagen!”

PS: You might also check-out some other great Super Bowl commercials here.

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