News Update – Best of the Day

Those who see and embrace the modern social web world will understand the 7C’s by Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab.

“Social media strategy fits inside a marketing (business, corporate) strategy, and is shaped by it. Social strategy fits outside business and corporate strategies, and shapes them. Social strategies are about rewriting the logic of the industrial era entirely, shifting gears in how we think, envisioning a broader, more powerful, more challenging use of social tools. They are about developing the capacity to understand an organization’s role in society, and how to play a more constructive one, wielding sociality as a source of advantage — by acting radically more meaningfully than rivals. Social strategies are about reinventing tomorrow.”

These words correspond as a long version format with the interview I have given to the Internet World some months ago (German only).

In order to improve your online sales tactics, here is a clear cut approach by TJ McCue how to improve your website sales efforts. He shows us some good and bad examples of online sales communication.

This funny insurance commercial from the Bangkok Insurance is excellent. It is showing the probability (0,00000001%) that your next unexpected accident or thunderstorm will not end without the need of an insurance company…