News Update – Best of the Day

Best of the DayPeople are asking me quite often, what it takes to become a smarter social businessperson? I was about to write a post about it. But my strategy works along Jeff Jarvis words: “Do what you can do best and link to the rest!”. And yes, I have found that Don Reisinger at Gigacom has written some excellent 10 tips for becoming a smarter social business person. So, why should I…?

Some companies like AUDI let their social community and fans co-create their new design for the car of the future. Vitamin waters newest flavor was created by their brand’s Facebook fans. Matt Rhodes shares the social experiment which is not finished with the launch of the product in March 2010. The success factor for the engagement of the community was a competition (again – incentives are key, it seems)… and for the success? Collaboration…! The co-creation included: choosing the flavor, designing the packaging, and naming the water.

This Doritos commercial makes me laugh… join in!