News Update – Best of the Day

For top management there is a significant change in how to run a successful company – not only because social media turns the world upside down. On his blog, Gary Hamel, Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School, gives some insight in a two-day work-shop of top managers and what they think will be essential values for today’s management. Read the 25 challenges for top management in the future in the end of the paragraph, and think about it and how far you are embracing the future with your company…

Social Media seems to becoming the topic for 2009…. and there has been written a lot on social media marketing in the last 12 months. If you have the time, read this great collection of posts. It is a helpful source of social media marketing best practice cases, and will push your business if used properly. Sometimes it is better reading some blogs and leaving the books were they are.

We all know that using social media can be very powerful for our career. For those who have not yet considered working a bit more on a personal blog, social media or Twitter, read this post from Strategic Social Media ‘Candidate 2.0- Using Social Media to Promote your Personal Brand‘ and you will get a interesting and helpful tips. Sure, you don’t want to start using it?