News Update – Best of the Day

Twitter is hiring a VIP concierge. Not true… yes it is.

The internet is the world of freebies? Not anymore and there are good reasons for it. The Economist refocuses the old strategic approach on paid services on the internet which is a great wake-up call for the web world – and again reminds me of the Social Globe.

Ultimately, though, every business needs revenues—and advertising, it transpires, is not going to provide enough. Free content and services were a beguiling idea. But the lesson of two internet bubbles is that somebody somewhere is going to have to pick up the tab for lunch.

What is the future of PR? Will agencies look after communities or brands? Jeremiah Owyang thinks that communities will gain more and more power as are aggregating decision making, support each other and share lifestyle.

With communities in the driver seat over product, a shift will happen as communities can define the spec of future products and therefore multiple brands will bid for their business. As a result, we should expect the agency model to flip over, where PR agencies start to represent communities of customers –rather than brands.