News Update – Best of the Day

There is a lot of talk on the success of Twitter. Now, there is a psychological explanation by Kevin Maguire: From Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to ‘the hierarchy of tweets’. This is a must read…!

Although Twitter might be a web-based service, the offline-world does exist next to it… and the value in joining Tweet-ups, real face-to-face offline talks in your region, is big. Scot McKay connects the Twitter-world with the offline-world and finds some interesting strategies – some new, some old…

XING announces their new product development strategy on their blog. Jason Goldberg, the former socialmedian founder and new Chief Product Officer at XING, lays his cards open on the product development strategy 2.0 called ‘Ship It’.
1. We will launch new features on XING faster than ever before.
2. We will launch new features before they are finished. Our plan is to get new stuff out there on the site and learn from our users as to how to make them better. You tell us what you like, don’t like, and want to see improved – and then we’ll do our best to keep up with your input.
3. We will make XING more appealing and relevant to users around the world.
4. We will actively ask for your feedback and participate in a dialogue with you as to how we can improve and better meet your needs. Expect to see a whole new social-media approach to how we gather feedback. Expect to really get to know the people behind product development at XING. And, challenge us publicly to deliver what you need.

PS: Lee Byron created a map and network diagrams on the development of Facebook. Excellent work…