Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

Yesterday was Blog Action Day. Now, let me tell you why I did not write something yesterday…

When I hear of poverty, I really feel bad – my voice comes to an absolut standstill. We, nearly all the people in Munich, have more than enough of everything and anything. But not only in Munich… When I was out on the street in the nights, in San Francisco, London, or Berlin, I could feel poverty every single minute. Just open your eyes and you see poverty whereever you are. In these cities and others are people that have to squat in entrances, covert with old boards (not duvets). Some of them were yelling at us when me and my business colleagues passed by in new clothes and spreading an atmosphere of owning their street. How does that sound? No, I am not rich, I am a typical European businessman – probably my Carbon foot-print is too big…

Now what do I think of poverty? For most of us poverty spreads and exists in the brain – that’s what I think! You don’t think so… OK, here comes the test (and the second reason why I am writing today)!

What would you say if I tell you that the Millionaire Fair started in Munich today? Compared to people that are attending the fair, we all are small potatoes, right? Let these people help solving the poverty issues in the world first, right? They could easier help than we could, right? It is easy to keep tricky things away from us, right…

But what if we all stand up from our computers, join the protesting social groups and try to get donations from the fair visitors? At the Millionaire Fair things like noblest coverlets with diamonds can be bought for 300.000 EUR… Just imagine buying normal coverlets for the poor people in the streets I mentioned before. This could probably keep more than -let’s say 30.000?!- people alive that are living in the streets!

Winter is coming… If we bloggers see somebody in the street freezing, let’s go and buy a hot drink and a covert for one of them. The millionaires probably won’t even see these people in the streets – could be because they are at the Millionaires Fair…

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