News Update – Best of the Day

Looking at pictures is one of the most important first steps when people evaluate relationships, if it be in social networks or real life. OkCupid, a popular American dating site, now released some interesting findings to which kind of pictures people respond most.

“Women responded more often to pictures in which the man is looking off camera, not into it. Men were more likely to respond to pictures in which the woman is at home (and looking a little come-hither), rather than out with friends or on a trip. But for both sexes, pictures in which the subjects are smiling uniformly trounced the stone-faced ones.”

Companies often ask me if you need outbound to generate inbound engagement. Yes! IMHO… A nice campaign was live on Mashable (where else… 😉 )… A traditional banner campaign with an intelligent creative, pushing Twitter and Facebook acccount plus their website.

“La-Ola” is just a thing for the stadium? NO! Coca-Cola created some great example of a new 3D animated world through a new process of printing. Watch this…