At Mercedes augmented-reality lets gestures communicate

Some weeks ago, we have discussed the opportunity for car manufacturers with in-car internet access that KPMG sees as the “norm” in the near future. If this is to come true, then concepts like the Mercedes’ Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) is not far of, and the car windshield might get potentially more impact in terms of delivering essential contextual driving information.

The system was shown at CES for the first time and seems not to be too far away bearing in mind that we have seen smart windows from Samsung that become TV screens. Wether this is fiction or reaality soon, I definitely like the idea and the vision that Mercedes has…

The car manufacturer envisions complete new data transfer through windshields like seeing who is driving in front of you or getting relevant traffic data or restaurant tips. What sounds promising, might also become a challenge for the driver who needs to avoid being distracted by all that data. The Mercedes concept touches all new technology options that we know from smartphones and tablets in favor of gesture-based controls that communicate information while driving.

“With the DICE sculpture Mercedes-Benz provides a visionary perspective on how the vehicle becomes an intelligent mobility partner in the future. For this Mercedes-Benz uses a combination of Augmented Reality and natural gesture control to realize a completely new form of communication between people and their environment.”

Well, just have a look and decide if you like it or not..


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5 replies
  1. Andreas Schwibbe
    Andreas Schwibbe says:

    I like it, but who is driving the car while you interact?
    We defenitely need the self driving car first. But this seems to be solved already. Google and Mercedes-Benz just need to team up.

  2. Martin
    Martin says:

    Well, agree. However, have you seen iRobot…? Maybe its more going to be Audi?!I am sure we are not far off self-driving vehicles. The latest Mercedes B series ads already tells us how car prevent us from the next crash. And that is what it is all about, right…

  3. SvenB
    SvenB says:

    I think it will start with head up internet services for driver & passengers, hotspot, a choicable autopilot which could be useful on highways… and one thing is for sure: the next 10 years will be exciting times for automotive industry and customers.

  4. Martin
    Martin says:

    Interesting view. I wonder why hotspots haven’t been part of the optional equipment in cars for years… An autopilot on demand would be good to get some confidence in its capabilities for drivers, reminds me of the days when speed control started to become standard…


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