Nespresso loves commercial story-telling

Nespresso loves to do commercial story-telling. In my eyes this is done in a really effective and impressive way. Although the commercials are produced for TV, they make their way from a buzz point of view on the web when you look at the social media metrics. The number of likes, ratings, comments and “embedded content” tell us how to do some good viral as well (without obeying the secrets of a viral).

The TV commercials follow a story with George Clooney and John Malkovich. In the first spot, George could escape afterlife only by handing out his Nespresso capsules to John Malkowich (who is playing God) in front of heaven’s gate. Nevertheless, George Clooney could embrace the sweetness of heaven’s lovely secrets in the long version. Now, whether this was done by purpose to make it more attractive as a viral to be spread, we could not find out. But I am quite sure, it was…

Now, in their new TV spot John Malkowich is a cab driver picking up George Cooney who just leaves a Nespresso bar. And obviously the price for the lift is again the Nespresso capsules. Do you think George is happy to see John again? Watch it…

Spot On!
In order to get good storyboards for their spots, Nespresso asks their club-members to hand in story ideas. In the past, they have also given them two pre-produced spots to decide which one they would send on air. Can it be said that Nespresso’s approach to commercials follows some kind of social media or crowd-scourcing model? I think it does, and it does it well without making “social media noise” around it. The commercials are funny, creative and have the right cosmopolitain charm that people associate with the characters that tell the story. That’s modern commercial story-telling, isn’t it? And that’s why people love sharing it, right?

PS: Have written this post while drinking a Volluto. John and my favourite flavor… 😉