Infographic by InsideView: Social Media – Facts & Figures

It is probably one of the best visuals created on facts and figures around the social web. InsideView put many stats together in one picture such as…

– history of social networks (missing Plaxo though which made me aware of the social networks phenomenon 13 years ago, apart from the leading Asian networks like Tencent/QQ)
– social profiles of the Global Fortune 100
– the world’s most popular brands and their social appearance
– social media reach and usage by country
– the leading B2B social media platforms

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  1. Reinhardt
    Reinhardt says:

    Hello Martin,

    I guess you are right. Despite of the fact that I generally love infographics (even some bad ones ;)) this is one of the best I discovered during the last months. It’s the future to relay knowledge that way. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Martin Meyer-Gossner
    Martin Meyer-Gossner says:

    I agree… As people have less time with all the information overload, getting one sight overviews is always a great way to inform people.


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