News Update – Best of the Day

According to the latest Pew Internet & American Life report the demographics of older internet users turning to social media is on massive growth. The study results show that 47% (April 2009: 23%) of internet users age 50-64 and 26% (April 2009: 13%) 65 and older use social networking. And the main reasons for the heavy digital use is: Getting the latest news. 76% ages 50-64 turn digital for news. 42% went online to get news the day before – 20% got them of social networks.

Some companies still don’t know why to start blogging. Here are 34 reasons by Valeria Maltoni why businesses should evaluate the power of blogging for their purpose.

This social experiment to support the efforts of the POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) was done by using hidden cameras in a townhouse complex in Johannesburg. It show that people turn away when it is necessary to face reality but complain when somebody plays the drums. It’s a wake-up call for everybody…