News Update – Best of the Day

Human resources embraces social media for their busines purpose but needs more resources. This is the essential finding of a study by ochrehouse, a recruiting outsourcing company. 82% of HR professionals now use social networking as part of their attraction strategy. The study makes clear that less than 30% of HR professionals have a dedicated resource for social media. 45% admitted to not having a formal social media strategy in place and only 23% measured its return on investment.

It seems that social shopping is on an all time high on the web. And some clever people have just launched their Mertado platform that “rather than try to integrate social features into a retail site, it’s offering a store that’s actually built on Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect, and it’s looking to use the social graph to its advantage.” Read more on Techcrunch

Although it is still quiet, the main sports brands are getting ready to heat up the emotions for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Nike launches an online viral campaign by Wieden+Kennedy for some new soccer boots. The idea behind it explains Pierre Janneau, Art Director, Nke Football: “Mother Nature doesn’t understand the ‘perfect pitch’. We wanted to demonstrate the many faces she might show during the tournament with a graphic illustration of how pitch surfaces unexpectedly evolve during the course of a game.” In this viral, you can tell FC Barcelona’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic has got the right grip for the ground to succeed with a great finish. Lovely futuristic idea…!