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In the last weeks, I have been in the process of letting some of the publishers in our company know that the world of communities and forums is changing. The reasons are quite obvious: The world is getting social. New standards will become mainstream and as people have many registrations processes, passwords and combinations of login to remember, websites and online content production businesses have to change their mindset.

Here is the proof to my words (and yes, it helps me a lot…). A recent study by Janrain and Blue Research among “social media active” people concludes that for online publishers, site registrations will be out soon and social sign-on is trendy, and becoming the new standard. The study found out that 66% of respondents said that social sign-in, which allows users to sign in on a platform using their profiles from Facebook, Google, Twitter or other social websites, is a potential solution. Just 25% of users are inclined to hand over their information when asked to register on a website.

Most (75%) of the over 650 respondents said, they don’t like online registrations and, when presented with a registration request, may leave the site, go somewhere else, or not come back again. More than three-quarters of the respondents even said they are putting incomplete or incorrect information in online registration forms.

Social sign-on/sign-in even pays into company’s brand image. 42% agreed that companies offering a social sign-in option “are more up-to-date, innovative and leave a positive impression compared to those which do not offer this capability” on their sites.

“The findings of the survey clearly show that consumers are frustrated with the traditional online registration process and will favor brands that make it easy for them to be recognized.” Paul Abel, Managing Partner, Blue Research

Spot On!
In my eyes, the reasons affirming the statement “pro social sign-in” is easy. You don’t need to remember all singin passwords, and forgeting one is not an issue if you have many social accounts. At least, you will remember one login. And platform owners are not losing out of users then. 45% stated they have left a website after forgetting their password or log-in information. They just don’t answer the security question or use the “Reset my password” functionality. Automation is wanted: 55% said they were more likely to return to a site that automatically recognizes their identity. Many publishers (60% according to a study by Gigya and Edge Research) have realized the opportunity to upscale on traffic and engagement by users and include sign-in options now.

Would you agree with these results? What is your way of using personal sign-in? Is social sign-in the future?

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  1. Maximilian A.
    Maximilian A. says:

    I agree that people are lazy and don’t like to share information but honestly I prefer a seperate registration towards a facebook-login. Why? Because I don’t want to share my friends list and other personal information I have to disclose when using facebook login to every website I sign up for.
    I think it’s reasonable to provide both, a social sign in and a seperate registration.

  2. Christian
    Christian says:

    I totally agree- in my position as SMM at shobbits I came to the same results mentioned in these survey. Our conversion rate exploted as we implementated a Facebook-connect button and a quick-loggin. Nobody wants to fill up thousands of registrations because the most “special interest websites are visited once or twice to buy a wanted product or sth else…

    And personally it’s obvious for me. I prefer social loggins. The problem with my adress book isnt a real one. If companies want to gain further info the will get it… If you dont want somebody knowing what you are doing don’t so it!! Not totally fitting in this case but very true

  3. Martin Meyer-Gossner
    Martin Meyer-Gossner says:

    @Maximilian Having a separate registration is definitely a good and valid opportunity to leave the users the option to chose themselves which registration process they prefer.
    @Christian: THX 4 sharing your social CRM success with it. Would you say that there is a valid reason to also integrate the shop in Facebook for all retailers then?


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