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daily1The best of the day post goes entirely to Gary Hayes social media count and the question: Can companies really ignore social media?

Seen from the text message perspective (sms): Yes, they can… – seen from any other perspective: No, they cannot…!

The most fascinating aspect for me is how many sms go around the world compared to the small numbers of tweets sent. This is a very, very small number… Nevertheless, there are workshop crowded with interested people on a Twitter hype. News corporations publish hundreds of stories around Twitter. The last news that I read talking about sms was at least ten years ago. It shows how long it takes for some technology to become mainstream.

I am sure in 10 years the tables have turned and Twitter or some replacement system or Facebook’ status update will be ‘leading’ the counter. As mobile internet apps will replace the traditional mobile phone features…

PS: THX to Blogtrainer who is always a help when you need him…

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