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News Update – Best of the Day

daily1Is the iPhone a killer for mobile advertising?
A study by Chitika says: Yes, it is as iPhone users click the fewest mobile ads.


Is the internet the future of radio? At least in the US it obviously is – according to a study by Knowledge Networks: 18% of the time US consumers use media—nearly 97 minutes a day—is spent listening to the radio.

Seen this BMW museum commercial in the cinemas yesterday, and I think this is funny, carrying the brands calim ‘fun’ to the consumer with THE minimalistic car of the century and creative from an emotional point of view.

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1When managers talk to executives about social media the main question is always: Will the executives see the value for relationship- and brand-building. A new whitepaper called “Social Media: Embracing the Opportunities, Averting the Risks” says: Yes, they do!
And if your executives still don’t know why they should implement social media guidelines, Brian Solis has some good arguments for you.

Case studies on employer branding and how to leverage it with social media is hard to find. Brett Minchington, Chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International (EBI), interviews Kerry Noone (Marketing Communications Manager, Sodexo) about how their social media strategy is building a stronger employer brand at Sodexo. Listen carefully…

Sometimes old TV spots turn out to the best…

PS: Find new books in my The Strategy Web bookstore. Just updated today…!

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1One of the early adapters in terms of company experts for social media is definitely Coca-Cola. Robin Grant has summarized their efforts, linked to relevant posts and just given companies some ‘guideline’ for a successful social media strategy.

And another case study on social media … but for non-profits: Tamar Weinberg refers to the interesting achievement of Epic Change – a small charity company with only 3 people.

Funny: Are you a business Tweeter? Just tell us which bird you are…

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1Sponsorships on retail sites are more likely to convert into sales than clicks on organic search engine results… and visitors will spend more. This is what a new study by Engine Ready.

Another breaking deal is done! Facebook buys Friendfeed… and by doing that also a great real-time search-engine. Twitter refused a deal with Facebook some time ago and said ‘No!’. Now the question is if this was a strategic mistake? Or if their amangers hope for Google to buy Twitter. The future will tell us more…

As usual a very cool commercial video on ‘drugs and driving’ (just in German available but still easy to understand for the world)…

Google's new product list – or the freebie wishlist?

gs-competitionIsn’t it wonderful sometimes. I mean, going on the plane… and going offline. I love it… And this small post is the result of it: obviously online…

The web is seen as the “freebie” media. And although I am seen as the “paid-content-advocat” and should not have done that… I have taken the issue of a magazine called ShortList… as it was a freebie. And all of a sudden, you read a magazine you would never have come across in your life. Yes, just as it is a freebie…

And with these freebies, you often get complete new insights and funny outlooks on the future of companies.

This happened to me last week, at London Heathrow airport. Waiting at the gate, I passed by a newsstand with freebies and found a magazine called ShortList

In this magazine I found a very cool 10 bullets shortlist : “Where Google can go next”. It shares visions how Google could make us happy with new products and services. This shortlist seemed sometimes more realistic than a “vision impossible”. It created some freebie visions for Google which they might offer in the future.

I have decided to take my 5 favorites to share my comments (Best partner”) on those with you…

Google X-Ray
From the comfort of your desk you can check out the internal workings of people as they walk the world’s street.
Best partner: Earth TV – Possible doctors game: who finds the first broken rib in a city video…

Google Girlfriend
Worried your other half is having an affair? Simply track down and follow her every move with this handy satellite surveillance application.
Best partner: Twitter – Possible boy-friends game: how long it takes till somebody makes her aware of it…

Google dining
Why go to the expense and trouble of eating out? Simply order a takeaway then virtually take your seat at one of the world’s finest restaurants.
Best partner: toptable – Possible friends game: how long does it take to get thrown out of the restaurant? (Negative: You have to clear up yourself…!)

Google eyes
Having one set of peepers is limiting, but this lets you explore new angles by looking through other people’s eyes.
Best partner: Glassdoor – Compare what your competitor is about to launch, says about your company and if your employees earn to much.

Google Atoms
Being able to see trees, cars and people on the other side of the planet not enough for you? Zoom right in and study their atomic structure.
Best partner: Chemistry – There must be some more detailed way to dive into the chemistry of human’s ‘counter-gender’, right?

Spot On!
So, now that Google gets competition with Facebook (the social network just bought Friendfeed) I was wondering if this shortlist can be expanded with your help – Join in! Let’s be creative for Google and see if there might be something new that we want from them to develop.

Or has Google invented enough online freebies?

Twitter: BBC Interview with Evan Williams

In London the talk of the town in the internet industry and in bars yesterday was the BBC interview on Newsnight with Twitter founder Evan Williams – the first interview that he has given in the UK. And it is no wonder and not surprising that there was so much buzz around this interview. The UK loves social networking…

On Facebook profiles the British country is the number one in Europe. Every third person in the UK is registered on Facebook (16,4 mio. people). And now London is also leading on Twitter accounts. On Twitter accounts the UK in general is coming in second place – just after the US. Even Williams cannot give an answer on the hype around his micro-blogging service, neither for the UK nor in general.

But he had a good answer on the latest critic around Facebook and Twitter from the arch bishop Vincent Bishop who has been blaming the social networks as “dehumanzing communities”:

“I wasn’t aware of that. I think it is kind of silly. (…) It’s about humans connecting with each other. And often in ways they couldn’t otherwise.”

Spot On!
It is a bit of a shame that there was no question on Twitter’s monetization strategy or their verified or business accounts plans. Or some more information on how he sees the Nielsen study on Twitter demographics. Sometimes it is more important to celebrate a status than focusing on good journalism. Somebody standing next to me in the bar said to his friend: “Who is that trying to be my friend on Twitter. Just got to know her by accident. Anyway, she looks nice… Added!”

In the bars the people were celebrating a lot yesterday. If this was because they are the social networking leaders in Europe? Anyway…

Long life to the Queen!

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1Why do also small businesses need a website? The answer is easy. A recent Nielsen Online custom survey from WebVisible, Inc. shows that if somebody wants to buy a product, 92% do some research online first and then might purchase locally. So, if small businesses do not have a website, these companies are “virtually invisible to these local consumers”.

Launching a product in today’s business scenario is not the easiest effort. So, tips are always appreciated. Here are three tips I found lately that put your prospects in the center of attention. My brief summary…
1. Make it easy for prospects to find and study your new product.
Customers need to be ready – Stop convincing them that they are ready!
“Research by MarketingSherpa shows that customers now find suppliers — not the other way around — in 80 percent of b-to-b transactions. B-to-b buyers like to research, analyze, and make rational group decisions.”
2. Encourage word-of-mouth marketing.
Find VIP editors and bloggers, customers and influencers that your customers trust in.
3. Let your prospects help you figure out your new-product launch message and media mix.
The Dell Ideastorm approach… – Make the “voice-of-the-customer” design, create and promote your products. “Then, use their specific language in your advertising copy as keywords to attract their Google searches, etc.”

The viral video to Guitar Hero 5 is probably causing a lot of talks in the world…

News Update – Best of the Day

There are not many case studies on how to leverage social media for business and how to engage customers, partners, and press with social media. One great company example offers Cisco. Mia Dand summarizes Cisco’s approach on openness, transparency and ROI. And if you find the time see also the example of the American red cross by Beth Canter, including their social media strategy handbook…

Twitter and agencies seems to be a relationship that is not yet established for a powerful client mode. AdAge shows some amazing examples where agencies are handling Twitter streams for clients – but the agencies don’t even own their branded accounts, or have a powerful leader or expert which can be shown as a good case study to their clients. Scary?! My advice: Before starting to believe in the agency’s knowledge on social media, read the examples above and then take a look at this short post by Lawrence Perry: How not to be annoying on Twitter and other social media. Then decide which agency is the right one to handle your social media activities…

…and whenever I find a good example of a funny commercial, we will share this…

Studie: Kundenkommunikation zu teuer – Optimierung nötig

Daß Kundenkommunikation kostenintensiv sein kann, ist kein Geheimnis mehr. Die aktuelle Studie ‘Reality Check 2009’ des Softwarehauses novomind AG zeigt jetzt, daß Unternehmen mehr als fünf Euro pro Kundenanfrage einsparen können, wenn sie ihre Beratungskanäle automatisieren.

Denn bisher nutzen beraten neun von zehn Unternehmen ihre Kunden noch über die gängigen Kommunikationsoptionen E-Mail, Telefon und Kontaktformular. Bislang bietet nicht einmal jedes zweite Unternehmen FAQ-Seiten an, Live-Chats nutzen sogar nur zwei Prozent.

Die durschnittlichen Kosten im Einzelnen…
– Telefonische Beratung durch einen Service-Mitarbeiter pro Anfrage rund sechs Euro
– E-Mails und die Verwendung von Kontaktformularen pro Anfrage rund sechs Euro
– Live-Chats pro Anfrage zwei bis drei Euro
Die preiswerteste Seite zur Beantwortung häufig gestellter Fragen bietet eine FAQs Webseiten, die pro Kundenanfrage gerade mal etwa zehn Cent kosten.

Spot On!
Natürlich kann nur aus Kostengründen nicht gänzlich auf den Einsatz von Telefon, E-Mail und Kontaktformular verzichtet werden. Entlastung durch stärker automatisierte Kommunikationsmittel nimmt kostenintensive Beratungszeit. Die Effizienz bei der teuren Beratungsleistung per Telefon sollte dabei im Auge behalten werden. Wie bei Social Media und im Verkauf gilt hier: ZUHÖREN! Nur jede zweite telefonische Anfrage wurde korrekt beantwortet, bei E-Mail Bearbeitung nur 28%, besagen die Ergebnisse. Interessant wäre mal Kundenservice via Twitter der Kostenkontrolle zu unterziehen. Schließlich setzen ja schon einige Unternehmen diese Option ein: Dell, Deutsche Bahn, Bank of America, Starbucks, South West Air, Jetblue

News Update – Best of the Day

Although a study shows that 36% of internet searches lead to negative results, Microsoft and Google are still fighting their virtual competition for the best search engine – Bing vs. Google. Now, an eye-tracking study by User Centric offer a first look in the success of both. In sponsored links Bing performed better…

“However, sponsored links… attracted more attention on Bing (~42% of participants per search) than they did on Google (~25% of participants per search).”

Social media enters school education in America. Xavier Lur gives some interesting insight in the learning options of YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. And he links to 25 cases to use Twitter in the Classroom…

What will Bloomberg’s digital future and expansion strategy be looking like? Andrew Lack, CEO of Bloomberg’s new Multimedia Group, says that it will rely on original video news content to mobile phone users around the world. Watch his words at the Advertising 2.0 conference…