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Omnichannel Loyalty, and what it can do for companies…

What is Omnichannel Loyalty (OCL), you might ask yourself? Well, according to a Kobie Marketing infographic it is “an enterprise-level initiative to drive, track, measure, and reward incremental behavior throughout the enterprise and customer experience”.

The OCL approach defines how companies and brands engage customers with personalized messages at different touchpoints and various channels. It offers rewards for customers’ loyalty with the hope for lifelong brand loyalty. However, the challenge is, not to ignore the big data basics that are needed to drive an OCL business. The infographic shows that just 10% of real-time data is effectively used which states missed opportunities.

The infographic also makes clear that companies need to offer customers the appropriaste content in the right context with the right data approach in order to best engage the social customer who is “always addressable”.

Omnichannel Infographic