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My 5 learnings for management from the WorldCup

The FIFA WorldCup is over. The matches are played. Spain is the new World Champion. The team really has deserved to get the Copa del Mundo (…not only because they won against Germany.. ;-)… ). Now that the tournament is over I thought about it and asked myself, what were my management take-aways from the last five weeks…for me.

1. The team is the star. Worldcup 2010 was like Enterprise 2.0: Teams with top stars fail (Rooney, Ronaldo, Ribery, Kaka, etc…), real teamwork wins.

2. A scarf seems to be a team managers fashion guarantee for success. Though, managers who wear a scarf built world-class teams, it’s no guarantee to make a world-class team win the cup (Jogi Löw, Bert van Marwijk, etc.).

3. Managers need to have the courage to change long-serving systems in favor of integrating young players techniques, visions and ideas (Mexico, Germany, Uruguay, etc.). Nevertheless, the accompany of “old stars” as motivators is a great back-up…

4. Management stand-still is a killer. The market-competition for the “on-paper” leading countries is increasing. Globalization, new training opportunities and new markets offer countries great opportunities to become a challenging competitor for the old market champions (England, France, Italy, Brasil).

5. It’s all about communication, authority needs to be defined anew. There is no right or wrong in leading until the communication is not aligned with the culture and mentality of the players (France, France, France,…).

What are your key-findings, take-aways from a management perspective. Share them with us… And by the way: If it is serious fun you would like to share, just go ahead…

News Update – Best of the Day

Wer twittert, läuft schnell Gefahr, die Effizienz und Produktivität seiner Arbeit mit Twitter an den Abgrund zu bringen. Manche trennen sich daraufhin von 20.000 Followern. Es geht aber auch anders. Lee Oden hat 12 Twitter-Stream Aggregatoren zusammengestellt, die aus Twitter einen Freund und keinen Zeitdieb machen.

Enterprise 2.0 ist in aller Munde. silicon.de schreibt mit ‘Gut geplant ist halb gewonnen’ über RSS, Blogs, Tags, Wikis, Intranet und Co. Doch was ist, wenn es um die Umsetzung geht? Unternehmen wissen dann oft nicht mehr weiter. Dr. Berit Jungmann und Stefan Ehrlich zeigen Ansätze, wie Web 2.0 erfolgreich in Unternehmen umgesetzt werden kann…

… und in Krisenzeiten können Unternehmen mit Web 2.0 noch viel mehr erreichen. Wie man strategische Applikationen für das erfolgreiche Business in Krisenzeiten einsetzt, beschreibt Dion Hinchcliffe im ZDNet Blog.