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News Update – Best of the Day

Social networking is a challenge. If you need some inspiration, read the 12 stories by David Spark, and you know how to continue and professionalize your social networking efforts. Did you know that web 2.0 is over? No, check it out at Geek and Poke… Do you need extraordinary emoticons for your mails? Well, according […]


News Update – Best of the Day

Companies still don’t know whether to ignore Twitter or being aware of a Twitterstorm might save the brand’s value. David Sarno and Alana Semuels show good cases why major brands learn they’d better respond quick – focussing on Amazon, Skittles, Domino, Coca-Cola and Hasbro. How to explain the social web to your parents? Obviously, all […]


News Update – Best of the Day

If you have a vision for some trend or future business, it makes you happy to see that people pick up similar thoughts and spread them on the web. When I had the idea of creating the personal web manager, I thought this will be ‘utopia’. Now, Virgina Heffernan writes about the ‘necessity’ of Twitter […]


News Update – Best of the Day

According to a Microsoft research the time peole are online in Europe will be more than the length of time they spend watching TV – and this will already be the case in June 2010. The outlook of the software giant predicts that people will spend on average 14.2 hours a week online and 11.5 […]


News Update – Best of the Day

There is a lot of talk on the success of Twitter. Now, there is a psychological explanation by Kevin Maguire: From Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to ‘the hierarchy of tweets’. This is a must read…! Although Twitter might be a web-based service, the offline-world does exist next to it… and the value in joining […]


News Update – Best of the Day

There is a lot happening on Twitter and some companies might ask if their competitor already uses Twitter in the means of some corporate communication, service tool or some thing else. Andrew Kinnear created a wonderful list on ‘Consumer and Business Brands on Twitter‘. And if you are an exec and want to see some […]


News Update – Best of the Day

– Auch wenn die Experten mit ihren Prognosen 2009 in Richtung Web TV und Video on Demand mit ihren Marketinggeldern gehen sollen. Ein konstanter Internetwert bleibt bestehen: Text! Steve Rubel bricht eine Lanze für den Wert des Wortes und warum dieser auch zukünftig der ‘King of the Web’ bleibt. Er macht es an 5 Gründen […]


News Update – Best of the Day

– Die Diskussion um Portable Social Graphs geht weiter. Razorfish zeigt eine gute Präsentation hierzu und verschweigt auch nicht die Risiken… Portable Social Graphs – Imagining their Potential View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: retail marketing) – Microsoft holt den Ex-Chef von Yahoo und macht ihn zum ‘Internet Unit Chef’: Qi Lu. Er […]