News Update – Best of the Day

Ecommerce is developing rapidly. And although users are said to be slow in adapting new technology, they expect their retailers to embed the latest trends and technology in their websites. As this will increase the sales potential of a business, companies should carefully listen to top 10 tactical trends by Michael Piastro which will help supercharge your ecommerce strategy for the future.

Social Media is in “at” your workplace, you said? Yes, but what does top management use it today? A new comprehensive study of more than 1000 business professionals by Pierre Khawand, Founder and CEO of People-OnTheGo shows that business decision makers manage multiple “inboxes” including Social Media. Social media is already a regular part of the work day. LinkedIn is the most popular social network. More than two-thirds (63.8%) of top management and almost three-quarters of marketing (73.9%) and sales (74.2%) respondents check LinkedIn regularly. Isn’t it interesting that private email is as popular as business email for top management? Social Media or private emails… Thinking about what might affect productivity more in the future…

Are small companies spending most of their marketing funds into Social Media in 2011? No! The use traditional websites and e-mail, says a report by online survey firm Zoomerang and GrowBiz media that surveyed 751 small firms (predominantly with less than 25 employees). The survey finds that over a quarter will spend at least 30% of their online marketing budgets on their websites, E-mail coming in second (18%). Only 10% were planning to spend at least 30% of their budgets on Social Media.

News Update – Best of the Day

Finally, Twitter starts their first trials rolling out their first advertising into individual users’ Twitter streams. The first clients are from Starbucks, Red Bull and Virgin. This new monetization strategy called Promoted Tweets was announced some while ago and will kick off addressing Hootsuits’s 175 million users with showing them paid tweets. Interested to see how the users will react…

LinkedIn powers the company profile pages by integrating new company pages. Companies can now “showcase their products, services and associated recommendations”. The company pages allow brands to showcase recommendations from their customers which becomes benefitial for the brand virally and credibly on LinkedIn. When memebers on LinkedIn endorse products or services of a brand, their recommendations become visible to all of their connections. The viral effect is obvious. Thus, brands get some of the most credible, authentic endorsements of their products on Company Page’s Product tab. The question is whether the user likes the idea to become a brand testimonial…

Although I am not a huge fan of plastic toys, I have to admit this Barbie commercial gets the message across. “When I grew up” is a good example of kid ads targeting adults…

News Update – Best of the Day

How will the future of the workplace look like? I have my views: flexible working hours, mobile offices and driving busness by networking outside of the office. Generally speaking, I love to share ideas and thoughts that I come across like these work displacements. Now that Porsche and VW (partly) banned access to social networking sites, it is interesting to see the other side of the medal. Maybe social networking becomes the main corporate sales strategy in the future. This example shows why the use of Salesforce Chatter could become an optimization of the future workplace.

The good thing about Social Media? People blog about events you could not take part in as they took place when you had meetings, where not in the country, etc. They share their new knowledge and some good case studies of social media campaigns like Juan Martinez who took part in the Social Ad Summit ’10. He tells us about the 5 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing, he learned from Aaron Shapiro, partner at Huge, Inc..#

One of the succesful modern virals was the Old Spice campaign. AdNews interviewed Isaiah Mustafa on the future of media and on becoming an internet sensation.

Offlinewelt 1.0: Die Wireless-Kampagne

Manchmal liebe ich die um die Ecke gedachte Welt der Kreativen. Und wer hat gesagt, dass Print nicht wirkt? Print wirkt. Wenn man die richtigen Ideen hat… Manche nutzen das sogar, um mal wieder Wireless zu arbeiten.

News Update – Best of the Day

A recent international survey of 2,200 mothers shows 81% of children under the age of two currently have some form of online presence — ranging from photos uploaded and shared by their parents, to a full-fledged profile on a social networking site, writes Mashable.

What is the futre of social networking? Everyone would like to know that. Social networking technology becomes more advanced and increased online activity makes more robust data sets available. Social networks are changing the way we interact, yes. But what does that mean and offer to people from a strategic point of view. Greg Satell shares his interresting insights.

Sometimes I don’t know whether commercials are creative or not. Make up your own mind about this Japanese blood pressure ad.

Quality or quantity – What counts on "viral" campaigns?

The world is all about business cards. Business cards reflect the contacts that your business is reaching out for. Half a year ago, Samsung found the master of business card throwing and hired him for their new campaign. They filmed his fantastic capabilities with their (new) Samsung Digital Camcorder H205.

In the meanwhile, the video got up to 2,5 Mio views, more than 10.000 ratings, up to 2.500 comments and is number 10 favorite video in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Other interesting stats can be found here. Watch the video again…

Spot On!
Many marketers ask me if such videos -which were widely spread- are successful in my eyes when I see the numbers. This makes me think if campaigns are still valued as of their quantity reach (popularity, clicks, views), not their quality reach (conversational, social and demographic insights). A conversation that is ongoing and best reflected in this study about social media influencers. In my eyes this campaign is definitely more succesful as it gives many insights in new markets, potential client interest, contacts for opportunities and especially tells us which and how countries are using Youtube.

In your eyes, what would you answer refering to this campaign? Would you say this is successful, or not? Curious what you are thinking…

News Update – Best of the Day

The new report Social Media and Online PR Report 2010 by Econsultancy and bigmouthmedia shows that 95% of companies have tried Social Media and 40% didn’t really get it. The main findings on tactical use can be taked in this picture…: Facebook. Twitter an Youtube rule.

Marketers and PR people often ask what are the mian pitfalls in B2B blogging. Jeremy Victor has put together a 10-point list which I do fully support…

In the morning I was talking of the revival of the print ad if used with social or mobile elements. AXA insurance just brought it to life the idea with the ned of an iPhone.

News Update – Best of the Day

What are good case studies for viral productions? A question, I get asked quite frequently. Please find the link to a selection by AdAge which I would also recommend.

The recruiting business will have changed in 2020. Job Boards have to improve their services and social media could be one solution for it. HR managers should be looking at this list of 10 excellent innovations.

Managers think about how to use LinkedIn effectively. This video gives some advice by Mark Perl and Louis Gray on how to leverage social marketing and networking with LinkedIn.

News Update – Best of the Day

Every marketer is looking for the key to Facebook success. A study by Vitrue, a social media marketing agency, reveales a secret… which is not a secret in my eyes anymore. As we know it from the email marketing era: Couponing and savings are driving engagement. Images and photos outperformed video and text by 22% and 54% in terms of engagement. Text received 63% more engagement than video when it came to Vitrue’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. On quick serve restaurant (QSR) brands images got 136% more engagement than video and 182% more than text.

How are books looking like in the future? This is defintely a neat idea on how the future of massive text work could be looking like…

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

Social Media is about fans. Football as well. Just look at the power of fans in the stadium. Not virtual! Real! In paper and print!

News Update – Best of the Day

The search engine for the future is Facebook. Or let’s say social media. Sanjay Metha discusses “What is a search engine? and comes to an easy result: From a users perspective it is a platform where I can quickly get relevant results for whatever I am looking for. And his result is that social media owns the future as our friends offer more relevanceto our questions…

A luxury hotel in Mykonos has used social media for a campaign which was designed to work according to the organization’s objectives. Dimitris Zotos shares with us the actions and the goals of a real life example that can help us understand how social media can be used in order to promote a brand.

CWS knows how to kill a perfect night for chic and glamour girls. They say no to drugs! Funny commercial…