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Absatzwirtschaft über "führende Werbeblogger" in Deutschland

Das Marketing-Magazin Absatzwirtschaft, eines der deutschen Top Marketingblätter, hat vor ein paar Wochen für seine Printausgabe die “führenden Werbeblogger” Deutschlands interviewt. Für mich war die Tatsache eine Ehre, das man neben “Indiskretion Ehrensache” und “Off the Record” auch The Strategy Web zu einem der “führenden Werbeblogs” in Deutschland zählt, sowie zum Interview bittet. Natürlich hätte […]


News Update – Best of the Day

The Social Web has it good sites and also some parts where human kind should be thinking about the communication development – especially if the language suffers from extensive and fast use of user generated content production. This brings the English Spelling Society to think about it and do some research. The result… Among the […]


Studie: Bewertungen treiben Online-Shopping an

Die aktuelle Studie „netz98 fragt nach – Einfluss sozialer Elemente im E-Commerce auf das Kaufverhalten“ des Marktforschungsunternehmens eResult GmbH im Auftrag der Internetagentur netz98 new media GmbH besagt, daß für fast 50% der Internet-Kunden Bewertungen und Empfehlungen anderer Kunden ein wichtiges Argument sind, überhaupt online einzukaufen. Gegenüber dem traditionellen Shopping biete Online Shopping mit dem […]


Facebook – To stay or not to stay?!

Facebook’s new privacy settings are causing their users a lot of headaches. PCWorld has summarized the changes with good links to further information. The Quit Facebook Day site is probably the “loudest” result from the privacy setting changes. And some people already think about the perfect social network. Maybe Gink is the answer…?! And some […]


News Update – Best of the Day

People are asking me quite often, what it takes to become a smarter social businessperson? I was about to write a post about it. But my strategy works along Jeff Jarvis words: “Do what you can do best and link to the rest!”. And yes, I have found that Don Reisinger at Gigacom has written […]


News Update – Best of the Day

Although web 2.0 provides all the benfit for e-learning, the use is till low. The study “Benchmarking Online Operations: Snapshots of an Emerging Industry” by the consulting company Eduventures shows that the education they offer is still based on “rudimentary, text-based technology”. This stands in contrast to webinars, web-conference or any kind of podcast or […]