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Study: Millennials do B2B purchase decisions differently

We all have heard that Millennials, those humans that are frequently connected, well-informed, tech-savvy, and always having an eye on efficiency. But do we know much about their buying habits, especially when it comes to B2B purchase decisions? The Institute for Business Value at IBM conducted their next study on Millennial called “To buy or […]


Study: Millennials value workplace friendships but sacrifice them for their benefit

A friendship is not a friendship, when it comes to moving on with your career – at least for millennials. A recent study published by LinkedIn this week shows that millennials believe in friendships at work boosting happiness, motivation, and productivity. However, friendship has an end and makes millennials competitive when it comes to career […]


What kind of content engages LinkedIn users (Infographic)

It is no news anymore that all social networks are turning more and more into content platforms, and are challenging the good old publishing world. Brands and managers, especially thought-leaders, are showcasing their business expertise to their peers and the industry they are addressing on platforms like LinkedIn rather than starting their own blogs. LinkedIn […]


How to Market to Generations on Social Media (Infographic)

All brands and companies wonder how to market to different generations on social media platforms. Marketers see great opportunities in reach and relevance in terms of the content, the data and the insights around consumers and customers. No wonder, as there are over 2.3 billion active social media users globally across various platforms. Almost 9 […]


Studie: Facebook Reichweite schwindet weiter

War die organische Reichweite von Facebook Page eine große Hoffnung für Marketingleute, günstig ihre Marke in die Welt ihrer Freunde zu promoten, so wird es langsam zu einem fragwürdigen und immer schwerer zu bewertenden Unterfangen. Auch wenn es nicht ganz das Ende des Erfolgs der Facebook-Seiten bedeuten mag, so nimmt die kleine Zahl an den […]