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Hyperspecialization – The future of work 3.0?

All people engaging in the Social Web are eager to pull, push and share all kinds of specializing topics in different areas of thoughts, interests and visions. In some way these people define a new development where the work of generalists is being cut into workload of networks of narrow experts or specialists. At least, […]


Does work still work at work?

What is the future workplace going to be like? A question many of us have been asking themselves in the last years. Jason Fried, founder of 37signals did a great presentation at TEDtalksDirector on why work doesn’t work at work. As managers look into the future of work, some tools and techniques affect the productivity […]


News Update – Best of the Day

How will the future of the workplace look like? I have my views: flexible working hours, mobile offices and driving busness by networking outside of the office. Generally speaking, I love to share ideas and thoughts that I come across like these work displacements. Now that Porsche and VW (partly) banned access to social networking […]


Kenexa: Wie sich Unternehmen auf die Zukunft des Arbeitsplatzes einstellen können

Es gibt wenige Veranstaltungen zum Thema Zukunft des Arbeitsplatzes, die mit gutem Inhalt aufwarten. So herrschte auch vor dem Kenexa-Event “Creating a smarter workforce” bei mir ein wenig Skeptis, ob nicht doch nur viel heiße Luft durch die Arbeitswelten geblasen wird. Aber meine Erwartungen wurden dann doch erfüllt. Vor allem der Vortrag des Kenexa Gründers […]


Report: comScore unveils insights in main mobile development for 2013

In a recent report called “2013 Mobile Future in Focus” comScore released their outlook for mobile trends. The report shows the U.S. mobile and connected device landscape in 2012, which is meant to the set the stage for the international expansion of the mobile revolution. It offers insights into mobile media consumption, mobile networks, platforms, […]