News Update – Best of the Day

daily1As brief as possible as of flying to dmexco today…

Who is talking about recommendations for a great Twitter account in a blog? I will today: TheRealPRMan, Steve Farnsworth, is a great source of information for social media and pr relevant topics… i.e. he found the post: 50 things for using Twitter for business.

Social Media is changing Business. Read the 4 ways in which it does via Mashable by Soren Gordhamer

DHL knows how to deliver things… whatever you want them to do. Fantastic commercial…

Blogs und Monetarisierung – Umfrage

jabra-m5390Wiedermal eine Umfrage. Nein, keine Angst… Daten von Euch will ich nicht. Ich interessiere mich für Eure ehrliche Meinung zum Thema ‘Blogs und Monetarisierung’. Schreibt einfach hier einen Kommentar…

Wie steht Ihr zu Werbung auf Blogs? Darf ein Blogger seinen Lesern Werbung präsentieren? Wenn ja, bis wohin geht die Schmerzgrenze? Und wie sieht es mit Business- versus persönlichen Blogs aus – Unterschiede? Steht Werbung gegen die Bloggerehre oder ist es eine Notwendigkeit für das Fortleben von Blogs? Werfen Affiliate Programme und Bannervermarktung derzeit zu wenig ab, oder seit Ihr damit zufrieden? Nutzt Ihr die Advertising Netzwerke wie Trigami oder mokono – und was haltet Ihr davon?

Habt Ihr sonstigen Input?

Die Meinungen sind für mich ein wichtiger Input für meine generelle Betrachtung der Bloggosphäre und ein wertvolles Update zum Thema ‘Blogs und Monetarisierung’. Natürlich werde ich hierzu eine Zusammenfassung schreiben.

Wenn Ihr für ein Interview zu diesem Thema offen seit, markiert Euren Kommentar mit einem Hashtag #monetization.

Wer mitmacht, kann gewinnen…
Jabra hat mir ein hochwertiges Bluetooth Headset M5390 als Gewinn für die Verlosung unter allen Kommentaren zur Verfügung gestellt. Ein Kommentar kann sich also lohnen…!

(Die Verlosung findet am 15.11.2009 statt. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen!)

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1Display advertising is facing a new era. Nicholas Carlson posts a great picture gallery with intelligent comments on the ‘Evolving beyond the banner ad‘.

The advertising industry is shifting more and more budgets from offline to online. One big reason is the massive adoption and hype around Facebook, Twitter an the likes. A paper called “Community and Social Media Study” shows that customer reviews rank No. 1 for increasing sales and customer engagement. Nevertheless, US marketers are decreasing budgets in Q2 2009

AXE has a run in terms of acceptance for commercials – and in general, the creative work is really funny… – and even bad taste can be great taste…

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1This is the news of the day! Facebook is cash-flow positive, has 300 users and their target -as Blake Chandlee, Vice President at Facebook, told me in a call today is- the 1 bio user barrier and that they don’t have plans to go public inthe near future. See Techcrunch for news and comments…

Have you ever thought about how to integrate video into your social media strategies? Heinz ketchup is probably one of the best case-studies that you should make yourself familiar with.

The success of most commercial TV spots depends on the creative element of exaggeration – have a laugh at this Toyota one. Especially, the funny male strategic movement in the end…

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1Is the iPhone a killer for mobile advertising?
A study by Chitika says: Yes, it is as iPhone users click the fewest mobile ads.


Is the internet the future of radio? At least in the US it obviously is – according to a study by Knowledge Networks: 18% of the time US consumers use media—nearly 97 minutes a day—is spent listening to the radio.

Seen this BMW museum commercial in the cinemas yesterday, and I think this is funny, carrying the brands calim ‘fun’ to the consumer with THE minimalistic car of the century and creative from an emotional point of view.

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1When managers talk to executives about social media the main question is always: Will the executives see the value for relationship- and brand-building. A new whitepaper called “Social Media: Embracing the Opportunities, Averting the Risks” says: Yes, they do!
And if your executives still don’t know why they should implement social media guidelines, Brian Solis has some good arguments for you.

Case studies on employer branding and how to leverage it with social media is hard to find. Brett Minchington, Chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International (EBI), interviews Kerry Noone (Marketing Communications Manager, Sodexo) about how their social media strategy is building a stronger employer brand at Sodexo. Listen carefully…

Sometimes old TV spots turn out to the best…

PS: Find new books in my The Strategy Web bookstore. Just updated today…!

News Update – Best of the Day

daily1One of the question of our web 2.0 times: How are companies benefiting from Web 2.0? The latest McKinsey Global Survey results deliver some insight and were well-analyzed by Andre Yee.

Coupons are not dead. They found a new renaissance in the online world and Dan Meihls gives us hints how we can get more for less “with the latest generation of an old standby” – online coupons.

The iPhone rules the world of mobility. But there are people who love to produce spoof ads on the latest innovations. And this one on the iPhone is really funny (ok, for boys)…